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We are an accredited translation company to the Embassy of Italy in Moscow
We are an accredited translation company to the Embassy of Spain in Moscow
Service for:
Italy Spain CIS

About us

Anastasia Starovoytova-Ince

We are proud to be the one and only company in Moscow profoundly specialized  and focused on claiming and certifying documents all throughout the globe! Many translation agencies make this claim, but we are the only ones that turn our words in actions and do it truly in a professional way.  

  • We are the only translation company in Moscow that is officially accredited at the Italian Embassy!

1) We provide all sorts of legalization services (apostille stamping, consular certification, authentication in consulates, certification in chambers of industry and commerce, and so on).

2) We work with any city in the Russian Federation and many different world countries, including the most complex and remote places in the world!

3) Should you stumble upon any words that you’re not quite familiar with (like nostrification, homologation, validation, or dichiarazione di valore), contact us to fill you in as well! Even if we don’t do something ourselves, we’ll still be able to point you in the right direction.

  • Only with us can you get the combined services of lawyers, translators, accountants, and a notary – all in one project!  
  • There will be no cases whatsoever of a translation reading differently, not matching up to, or mistakenly representing the original document – our lawyers check the
    translations and, thanks to our lawyers, our translators are able to understand the legal crux of the documents that have been translated. As a result – what you get are “well articulated”, legally verified translations in accordance with all of the requirements of Russian government authorities.  

4) We love the trickier, more unorthodox orders as it is thanks to orders like those that we are able to build on our abilities and keep things interesting! 

5) Our fifteen years of experience working with foreigners and preparing documents for them and getting a grasp of their mentalities. While a foreigner is completing notarial actions, we are able to help provide a written translation or oral interpretation in any language!

6) Our office’s employees conduct business correspondence and give legal consultations in English, French, Italian, and Spanish.  

We impart legal power to your rights in every corner of the globe! 

We provide services
to individuals and corporations.
We accept payments by:
VISA, MasterCard
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