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We are an accredited translation company to the Embassy of Italy in Moscow
We are an accredited translation company to the Embassy of Spain in Moscow
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Italy Spain CIS

Apostilles on notarized copies

In the most cases, Apostille stamps are done on the copies of documents, which are certified in a notary (this may be copies of personal documents: marriage certificates, birth certifications, death certificates, divorce certificates, diplomas, official transcripts, etc. as well as copies of founding documents of legal entities, such as articles of association, founding agreements, certificates of registration in tax authorities or other authorities, as well as many other types of documents) or on documents processed in a notary (for example, authorizations, agreements for a child’s leave from a country, etc.).

  • In the cases indicated above, placement of an Apostille stamp is to be done by the justice authorities of the Russian Federation by territorial principle: Apostille stamps can only be done for documents processed by the notaries of a particular region in the Main Ministry of Justice office of that region. 

We provide services in providing an Apostille stamp in the Ministry of Justice local office of Moscow, Ministry of Justice main local office of the Moscow Region, and in all regions in the Russian Federation, all countries of CIS, as well as in the USA for documents certified or processed by the notaries of the city of Moscow and the Moscow Region or the corresponding region/country. 

Cost of receiving an apostille stamp,
including a government fee of 2,500 RUR

Regular time period

Cost of 1 document

6 business days

4,300 RUR

Urgent time period ¹

Cost of 1 document

1 business day* under the condition that the document is provided before noon

3 business days**

11,800 RUR

11,800 RUR

* Only for documents processed by notaries in the Moscow regione

** Only for documents processed by notaries in the city of Moscow

We provide services
to individuals and corporations.
We accept payments by:
VISA, MasterCard
Cash Remittance
Non-Cash Payments
Cash Payments