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We are an accredited translation company to the Embassy of Italy in Moscow
We are an accredited translation company to the Embassy of Spain in Moscow
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Certification of the correctness of translations in the Spanish consulate

Translations in Russian are normally certified in a notary, however there are some governments that have specific requirements for submitting translations. One of those countries happens to be SPAIN.

A requirement that Spanish government authorities have for translations done for Spain is that it has the particular stamp of the Spanish embassy/consulate on the document, testifying to the fact that the translation was verified by employees of the consulate and recognized and correct and accurate in its correspondence to the original text. Such a procedure is often incorrectly referred to by clients as “consular document certification”.

  • The Spanish Embassy/Consulate in Moscow the only testifies to the correctness of the translation provided and nothing else! The Spanish Consulate in Moscow does not do any translations independently, including certification of its correctness and accordance of the documents’ contents’ with Spanish law.

Pravo I Slovo has long since conducted a fruitful cooperation with the Spanish consulate in Moscow. We are well aware for the requirements the Spanish Consulate has for submitting documents as well as submitting their translations. We also know the consulate’s fee rates and the time periods in which they complete certain procedures.

At our translation bureau, we provide translations into Spanish and certification of the correctness of translations in the Consular Department of the Spanish Embassy in Moscow in high quality and in a timely fashion.

The timetable of the service and the cost of certifying the correctness of documents in the Consulate

Translation of the text of a one page standard document into Spanish (1,800 symbols including spaces) will take 1-2 business days with a cost of 600 RUR and from Spanish into Russian it is also 600 RUR.

The procedure of the Spanish Consulate will take 2-3 business days (there may be delays due to the work load of the Spanish notary) and the cost is 5,500 RUR. The consular fee amount is counted by the consulate according to the amount of lines in the translation.

According to the information posted on the official site of the Spanish Embassy in Moscow, the consular fee is:

1. 2,347 RUR for the certification of a translation per page (30 lines);

2. 235 RUR for the certification of a document’s copy (per document);

3. 548 RUR for certification of a signature’s authenticity (for each signature).

Thus, the ballpark consular fees based on document type are as follows:

  • a diploma with an attachment is about 13,000 RUR;
  • an attestation is about 7,500 RUR;
  • a certificate issued by the Civil Registry Office is about 6,000 RUR;
  • a certificate on the possession of a bank account, proof of employment, proof of education, proof of residence, pension fund statement, tax inspection records, etc. is 2,347 roubles.

We will note that as a whole, we are only able to provide you a BALLPARK estimate for the consular fee that the Spanish Embassy will charge. It is this BALLPARK amount, or a majority of the amount, depending on the size of the consular fee on which the manager will base what he or she will ask the customer to pay when placing an order.

The exact amount will become known only after the Embassy issues the ready documents and the receipt for the consular fee. This receipt will be provided to the customer and the customer is to pay the total fee that is indicated in the receipt. At that point, if the customer has overpaid the amount indicated in the receipt, we will of course return the difference.


Office of the Embassy: City of Moscow, UL. B. Nikitskaya, 50/8

Tel: + 7 (495) 202-21-61, 202-21-80, 916-54-00, fax: + 7 (495) 291-91-71


Consulate General (Consular Department): City of Moscow, Stremyanny Per., D. 31/1

Tel: + 7 (495) 958-24-07, 958-24-19, 958-23-89



  • documents to be certified in the consulate for Spain, certification of documents in the Spanish Consulate, certification in the Spanish Consulate or certification for Spain, or whatever you want to call it, you can count on us! Whatever you call the procedures, we are always ready to help!
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