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We are an accredited translation company to the Embassy of Italy in Moscow
We are an accredited translation company to the Embassy of Spain in Moscow
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Italy Spain CIS

Accreditation of rep offices (branches)

Do you need accreditation for your rep office but do not know who to address? You are already working with some legal company but are unhappy with the quality of the service? ALREADY denied accreditation?

It is important to remember that you should pay 120.000 as state duty for accreditation which is never refunded if you receive a refusal!

In Moscow, there is a huge choice of companies, which render legal services. Many of them declare that among other services they assist in the accreditation of foreign companies’ branches. We do this not “among other services” but genuinely specialize in it!

  • Not a single accreditation denial for our clients from the moment the new accreditation procedure was passed! 
  • Not a single state duty has been lost! 

Our company is always ready to offer our clients full range of services regarding the accreditation of a foreign company’s rep office in Russia, including:

  1. consultation on all questions regarding accreditation – free of charge!; 
  2. accreditation of foreign company’s branch – 45 000 rubles;
  3. introduction of amendments to the Unified state register of foreign companies’ branches – 15 000 rubles.;
  4. termination of accreditation of foreign company’s branch – 10 000 rubles;
  5. verification of ready document set for the purpose of accreditation – 15 000 rubles. 
  6. guaranteed and urgent accreditation!


P.S. Russian Chamber of Commerce duties, state duties, expenses on translations, notarial certifications and copies and not included in the above stated prices and to be paid extra.

  • ·It is convenient to work with us as our lawyers and translators are working on your documents together. That is why you will not face a situation where proper names are written differently, different terminology is used or there are errors and misprints in the documents of the same company.
  • In case of a legal loophole concerning branches regulation of the operations we can make an appeal or request, submit them to the corresponding state institution to clarify one or another indistinct legislative provision. In case of a fundamental breach of our clients’ interests, we are ready to litigate with minimal reward on the part of our client because we love our job and consider that any legislative breach of justice should be repaired!

For a foreign company’s representative office (branch) accreditation you should submit the following documents to the tax authority:

  1. foundation documents of the foreign legal entity;
  2. extract  from the state register for the foreign legal entity;
  3. document issued in the country of origin of the foreign legal entity that confirms its registration as a taxpayer with an indication of taxpayer identification number (or its equivalent);
  4. resolution of foreign legal entity concerning the representative office’s (branch) foundation on the territory of the RF;
  5. regulation for the representative office (branch);
  6. power of attorney concerning the authorization of the head of representative office (branch);
  7. application for accreditation on form 15AFP.

  Call us on + 7 (495) 955-91-80 or write at and we will answer you quickly and in detail! 

  • ·All foreign documents should be legalized, translated into Russian and have notarial certification! We can supply you with all these services!

Our specialists have accumulated significant experience and help you to sort through how to process documents for accreditation in Russia from various jurisdictions among them China, Hungary, Germany, British Virgin Islands, USA, Ukraine, Georgia, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Great Britain, Panama, Singapore, Bulgaria, Poland, Montenegro, Turkey, India, Lebanon, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Seychelles, France, Luxemburg.

We made accreditation of branches from these countries, sometimes more than once. However, even if you do not find the country you are interested in, we will look into your documents with great pleasure!

Call us right now on: + 7 (495) 955-91-80 or write us at: – we will answer your questions fast and exhaustingly!

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