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We are an accredited translation company to the Embassy of Italy in Moscow
We are an accredited translation company to the Embassy of Spain in Moscow
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Foreign companies can operate on the territory of the Russian Federations through their representative offices and branches. Representative offices and branches are structural divisions of the main company which are located away from its legal address and exercise some of the main company’s functions defined by the by-laws of the representative office or the branch, or which exclusively represent and defend the interests of the headquarter.

  • Another way of putting it is that the crucial difference between these two structures is the following: a representative office can only represent the interests of the main office while a branch has the right to carry out the activities of the headquarters on the territory of Russia.

The process of registering a rep office/branch is far from simple and not always transparent. There is high risk of receiving a denial of their accreditation without qualified translators and lawyers!  Please be aware that the state duty in the amount of 120.000 Rubles is not reimbursed!

We would like to draw once more your attention to the fact that representative offices and branches of foreign companies can operate legally only after being accredited with the registering authority (tax office).

For a foreign company’s representative office (branch) accreditation you should submit the following documents to the tax authority:

  1. foundation documents of the foreign legal entity;
  2. extract  from the state register for the foreign legal entity;
  3. document issued in the country of origin of the foreign legal entity that confirms its registration as a taxpayer with an indication of taxpayer identification number (or its equivalent);
  4. resolution of foreign legal entity concerning the representative office’s (branch) foundation on the territory of the RF;
  5. regulation for the representative office (branch);
  6. power of attorney concerning the authorization of the head of representative office (branch);
  7. application for accreditation on form 15AFP.

Call us on + 7 (495) 955-91-80 or write at and we will answer you quickly and in detail!

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