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We are an accredited translation company to the Embassy of Italy in Moscow
We are an accredited translation company to the Embassy of Spain in Moscow
Service for:
Italy Spain CIS


Need an apostille? Consular certification? Through a chamber of commerce and industry? Nostrification? Dichiarazione di valore? Homologation? Certification for a translation in  a consulate? Is it something else that you aren’t quite clear on what, but you know that it needs to get done?  


As you may already know, there are many different translation bureaus in Moscow. Some of them are particularly good for providing synchronized translations, others “narrow in” for example on software localization, websites, and multimedia, and still others specialize in complex, large-scale technical translations.

We, in turn, thoroughly enjoy the process of document legalization and the entire network of government bodies and the various requirements and approaches that go along with it. We are, first and foremost, a legal team, which is why dealing with documents and the officials, the attention of whom they must at some point be passed on for, is exactly the crux of our business.

So, go ahead and write us a letter, give us a call, stop on by. You have questions and we have the answers. If we don’t have them, we’ll try to find them out for you… Thanks to you, our beloved customers, the search for knowledge is both exciting and pleasantly endless…


We provide services
to individuals and corporations.
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